Schenk Stahl has a certified quality management system acc. DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.



The current SCHENK STAHL GmbH was founded in 1986 by the Schenk family as a trading company selling stainless steel and heat-resistant stainless steel products from its main office in Vienna.

For over forty years, Peter Schenk´s career has been revolving around stainless steel quality pipes, especially those resistant to high temperatures.

Only a few years later - in 1989 - he decided to open a warehouse in Dusseldorf-Heerdt, which made it possible to tailor the company´s own product range to customer requirements even better. To support our own claims with the necessary product depth, we decided to specialise in heat-resistant materials, especially pipes in welded and seamless design, mid of the nineties. Over the past few years, our son,
Frederic Schenk, has been responsible for the company´s advertising/marketing, especially fairs and exhibitions and their organisation. This inter alia also includes optimisation of sales structures and development of new sales markets. Whilst retaining our main line of business in heat-resistant materials, SCHENK STAHL does of course also provide corrosion- and acid-resistant pipes and tubes. In this manner, you also profit from our wide range of products and can count upon prompt delivery and the advantage that everything is supplied from a single source, thus saving considerably on delivery costs.
Word of our extensive range of products has spread: Our customers can be found throughout Germany and its neighbouring countries, in Eastern Europe and Turkey, in India, the USA and the United Arab Emirates.

Today SCHENK STAHL has a total of eight employees who are all committed to position their company as an efficient partner, especially through fast and timely order processing.